FREE in OpenSim

I stopped my Second Life activities and moved to Opensim in Winter 2015. I started in Kitely, moved to Great Canadian Grid and since May 2016 I am owner of Kroatan – my own tiny-grid.

Best in OpenSim is Hypergrid, which means you can teleport from one grid to another without a new account. Not all OpenSim grids are Hypergrid enabled, but many of them are. You can find a grid-list here:

Hypergrid Business


Not alle HG grids are free, some are commercial like Second Life (for example: Kitely, Great Canadian Grid, Digiworldz, etc…), but there are many free grids like Metropolis, Nextlife – World, OS Grid, etc…)

Some people come to OpenSim and first thing they say: „Uhhh- looks like Second Life 10 years ago“. That is not true. Okay, OpenSim is Opensource, developer do not get any money for their work and their are many different versions of simulator software used which are not completely compatibel. Also OpenSim Viewer like Firestorm or Singularity are first SL viewer, second OS viewer. All of these cause some issues (for example: you cannot see some mesh-parts first time, textures are missing or names in friend list are gone…) But nearly all issues are gone after a relog – you just need to be alittle bit patient.

Search also does not work like in SL, because you can just see locations of the grid you are present in.

To help you find shopping areas or other fantastic regions, you can visit this site:


You can get a free HUD for teleport inworld or you can use buttons on website to get a tp inworld. If it does not work, you can use map teleport. Map is very important in OpenSim to jump from one grid to another. You have to type your destination in that way:

Grid Login URI : Region Name

for example: you want to visit Kroatan Grid, Sim Roanoke City

map address : City

 < Login Uri you can normally find on each grid’s homepage >


You can also find some great hypergrid destinations (inclusive images) on

Kroatan Blog