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  1. Regarding the Seirin hair, I have been to this shop, this person is copying other creators hairs – They are not her designs.

    • Hello Katie, this is a really serious accusation! Maybe it is true, maybe not. I support in principle no „pirates“, but as long as there is no evidence, my principle is: innocent until proven otherwise!

  2. Katie is right. I have one of the group gift hairstyles she has up in her shop from a different shop I paid 250L for at the Fantasy Faire this past year, I also see some hair from Alli&Ali as well there. You are right. It is a serious accusation and one that I’m going to be reporting to the owners of these hairstyles I know for sure she has copied from.

    • Thank you felicitykeenan. You are doing right to tell the creators about this problem. So maybe we soon will know the truth… For now I just add a link about Linden Lab TOS and DMCA to this thread.

  3. Indeed the hairstyles are stolen. I found some copied of my very own original creations.
    Customers who received the advertisement for them informed me.
    I would recommend to not buy any of these.
    Linden Lab will remove them not only from the store but also from buyers inventories,
    once the original creators file the DMCA.
    Copied Alli&Ali Designs styles are reported by now.

    • Thank you Alice for your statement. Of course I know Alli&Ai store and if you tell me, that the suspects are right, I’ll remove this thread at once!
      I am really sad about this- and I am a little bit shocked that people offer copied products without any fear of getting caught….

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